Thursday, July 22, 2010

Highlights from the big city

Ha ha ha..I can't write big city without laughing because Salem is by no means a big city, but it is bigger than Bellingham so I guess it should be big to me. Also the word "Highlights" makes me fondly remember my subscription to the amazing childhood magazine that included several word and picture puzzles to keep me busy for hours. Okay, back to reality - here are some of the highlights of the great city of Salem (so far):

1. Cinebarre - I know other cities have this, but Bellingham does not and it is wonderful. A movie theater, restaurant and bar in one? Perfect.

2. Salem farmer's market - I immediately felt at home as I visited all the booths, checking out the local fare.

3. Mexican foods - okay this is random, but it is one of the reasons Salem is a city after my own heart. I love Mexico (I've only been twice but have loved it each time) and it is no secret that Salem has a large latino (mostly Mexican) population. Here's why it's great. You walk into virtually any grocery store and can get the same foods you can get in Mexico! My favorite are Canelitas - these delicious cinnamon cookies.

4. NO TAX! Okay I realize this isn't exclusive to Salem, but I am loving this fact of Oregon life. You go out to dinner and order a $9.99 entree and it's actually $9.99! So simple, but so wonderful.

5. The beach - Just under an hour away is Lincoln City and the Oregon Coast. It's so nice to go to a real beach - not just the rocky shore of Bellingham Bay. I could go there every weekend because it's so beautiful.

So there's a sampling of Salem life. Much, much more to come.